More than 200 applications in one place

Comoda Installer gathers 200 and more top used applications for Windows in one place. You don’t need to look over the internet for the needed software programs that you might want for your computer, Comoda Installer app has already done this for you.

Download multiple apps with one click

Forget Google, just search for Comoda Installer. Any user needs some basic apps for his computer, be it multimedia programs, antivirus apps, optimizations programs or any other applications, he needs to search them on Google, then go to many web pages and install the programs one by one; a process that takes a lot of time an effort. With Comoda Installer, you already have this programs in your options list, just select the needed apps and tap „Download”, just one click and have all your apps in one place.

Always up to date

All applications installed on your computer through Comoda Installer have the latest version. We perform an update verification every week so that every program on our server has the latest version and your software programs are never out of date.